The kidnappers of six female students and teachers at Engravers College, Kakau Daji in Chikun Local Government Area of Kaduna State have demanded a ransom of N50m to free the catives.

The abductors had on Thursday took away six female students and two other staff of the school to an unknown destination.

The spokesman of the Kaduna State Police Command, DSP Yakubu Sabo, confirmed the incident.

A parent of one of the kidnapped students told the Nation on Friday that the kidnappers had established contact and were demanding for N50 million to free the captives.

“We learnt that the kidnappers had contacted the college where they first demanded for N30m per head of student. We were told that the school authority told the kidnappers that they could only afford to pay N100, 000 for the release of the students and their teachers. The kidnappers told them they are not serious to get the children back. Negotiation is still going on,” the parent said.

Following the abduction, it has been reported that the students were immediately sent on break.

We have sent the students on a week break pending when the situation would normalize,” a source said.

Mr. Julde Juli, a parent whose 15 –year-old daughter was among abductees, appealed to the kidnappers to release their children.

“We just pray nothing happens to them and they come out alive. We just have to take things the way it come because is how God ordains it to happen. I used to have two children here (school) but one of them has been taken to the Federal Science School, Sokoto,” he said.


  1. High level of insecurity is bedeviling this country…o
    Kidnapping everywhere every now and then
    It is a pity
    What is the government doing to put and end to this or is this how we will continue
    Are these criminal elements operating from the moon or stars that the security agencies can not apprehend and arrest them all
    What actually is the problem
    Why is it as if they are just left to have upper hands molesting and torturing the populace
    It is unfair that a school will be negotiating of a ransom payment with kidnappers in a country being ruled by someone
    We are not in war or anarchy situation but still the way things are going looks as if we are
    Please these kids and their teachers should be left to go their ways so that they can reunite with their families and loved ones as soon as possible


  2. This is outrageous! How do these devils expect these parents to raise that amount of money at a time like this? The police should do everything possible to rescue them.


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